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Connecting TMAs

This is the first centralized directory of Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) and Transportation Management Organizations (TMOs) across the country. Here you’ll find a publicly accessible list of TMAs and TMOs and a private database for TMAs/TMOs to better connect with similar organizations nationwide. So whether you’re part of a TMA/TMO, looking to start one, or just trying to connect with the one in your area, this is the place to start. TMAs and TMOs can gain access to the private database by adding their information into the directory. The more that join, the more complete the directory. Learn more by reading the FAQs below or by contacting the Commutifi team at

Questions About this Directory

If you have some other questions, contact us via

Should I register my organization ?

If you are a Transportation Management Agency (TMA) or Transportation Management Organization (TMO) that is looking to increase your agency's visibility and gain access to a collaborative network of agencies, you can register your TMA/TMO.

How is this different from previous directories?

This directory is for TMAs by TMAs. While it will still be available to the general public for educational purposes, the main purpose is to be a resource to facilitate communication, discussion, and collaboration within the TMA industry.

Why should we add our TMA?

By joining the TMA Directory, you will gain unprecedented insight into the operational, structural, and logistical details of agencies around the country. This insight will allow you to best connect and collaborate with the TMAs most alike yours

Benefits of registering my TMA?

While every TMA has a similar goal, every one faces its unique challenges. By gaining insight to other TMA's information, such as region, size, toolset , bureaucratic organization, and priorities, you will be able to connect with the exact TMA(s) that align with your unique challenges and streamline your outreach.

Who is this shared with?

Your TMA name and website is viewable in the public setting to allow constituents and others to identify their TMA. The other details only shared with other TMAs to allow for more specific crowdsourcing and collaboration.

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